Arrangements for Children

It is necessary for arrangements to be made for the ongoing parenting of children after the breakdown of the relationship between their parents. Often with the assistance of appropriate advice parents are able to reach agreement in relation to these issues, usually involving the children living with one parent (referred to as “residence”) and spending certain time with the other parent (referred to as “contact”). Agreement can also be sought regarding specific issues, such as education or medical matters.

Where parents are unable to agree on the arrangements for their children, proceedings in the Family Court can become necessary. James Legal Consultants is able to advise in relation to all matters of this nature, and has acted in some of the most difficult and complex litigation before the Court regarding children in recent times.

In addition to parenting arrangements, consideration needs to be given to the costs associated with the children. A person with whom a child lives is entitled to claim child support from the children’s parents. Ordinarily the amount of child support is determined administratively (without need for Court proceedings) having regard primarily to income levels. Where there are unusual circumstances, for example particular medical costs, Court proceedings can be commenced to vary the amount of child support that would otherwise be payable.

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