De facto Relationships

De facto Relationships FAQ

What is a De facto Relationship ?
A De facto Relationship is defined as two persons who live together in a committed domestic relationship as if they were married to each other.

Are same sex couples covered by De facto Relationships legislation ?
Recent legislative changes in Western Australia enable parties to certain de facto relationships (including same sex couples) to access an equivalent range of remedies in the Family Court with regard to financial matters to those presently available to married couples.

What happens to the children under De facto Relationships legislation ?
The law regarding parenting arrangements and child support is generally applicable to all children in the same manner, irrespective of whether the parents are in a marriage or defacto relationship.

How can James Legal Consultants assist with De facto Relationships ?
James Legal Consultants can advise on steps to take before or during a defacto relationship to prevent later arguments in the event the relationship breaks down. We are also involved in assisting parties who, following the breakdown of a defacto relationship, must resort to proceedings in the Court.

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