Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation & Arbitration FAQ

What is Mediation ?
Mediation is a process in which a third party (“the mediator”) helps the parties to a dispute come to an agreement. The Mediator does this by facilitating communication, assisting the parties to identify their needs and interests, and using creative problem solving techniques to enable the parties to reach their own agreement.

Why is Mediation & Arbitration required ?
In some circumstances, people seeking to resolve the issues which arise from the breakdown of a relationship prefer to utilise alternatives to the more “traditional” methods of dispute resolution. In other circumstances, parties to a dispute agree to jointly appoint a person (“the arbitrator”) to consider each party’s argument and then made a decision. The parties agree in advance to be bound by the arbitrators’ decision. This is often more time efficient and less costly than having the mater decided by a court.

How can James Legal Consultants assist with Mediation & Arbitration ?
James Legal Consultants has experience in all forms of dispute resolution, and can advise as to the most appropriate approach in individual cases. Referral of matters to the Professional Dispute Resolution Centre ( and to government and church groups is recommended in appropriate cases.

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