Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance FAQ

What is Spousal Maintenance ?
“Spousal Maintenance”, as it is referred to, is a payment (or other benefit) received by a party in need of support from the other party, who must have a capacity to provide support. This is distinct from, but related to, property settlement.

Who is entitled to Spousal Maintenance ?
A consequence of being married is the entitlement of parties to seek ongoing financial support from each other. As a result of recent legislative changes in Western Australia, these rights now extend to parties in a defacto relationship (including same sex couples).

How can James Legal Consultants assist with Spousal Maintenance ?
James Legal Consultants can advise on your ability to claim, or to have a claim made against you, for spousal maintenance. Proceedings can be commenced to seek and enforce spousal maintenance orders.

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